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LED lights and lighting solutions from DIANA LEDscale®

As a company with many years of experience in the field of LED lighting technology,
we have made it our business to bring quality, innovation and robustness in line with sophisticated design.
Every single one of our employees stands behind this concept.
And you will find this enthusiasm in every one of our luminaires.


We place the highest demands on the form and function of our LED systems. This not only leads to enormous customer satisfaction, our LEDscale® lights have also won design prizes..



Precision work

If you can‘t find what you‘re looking for in a classic supplier, come to DIANA. In addition to our extensive standard product range, we also manufacture custom-made products according to your individual wishes. Renowned corporations as well as small and medium-sized companies are convinced of our products and developments.




We always strive to develop optimal solutions and lighting systems. We don‘t just want to meet the requirements of our customers with our concepts. New ideas combined with innovative technologies
always offer added value that inspires.




LED lighting solutions from DIANA comply with all relevant standards and contribute to work safety and health protection. Carefully planned and powerful lighting ensures safe working at the machine and ergonomic workplace design..



Inventive spirit

We invent advanced industrial LED systems that enable new applications, reduce costs and improve both quality and productivity. Our focus is always on environmental protection and work safety. Our customers are enthusiastic about these innovative systems.



Savings potential

In our LED systems we only use efficient and fail-safe LED drivers. First-class thermal management and optimum power supply create enormous savings potential: the lifetime of the lights is extended and energy consumption reduced. In this way, customers and the environment benefit jointly from LEDscale® lights.




Our products are high-quality work „Made in Germany“. We are always anxious to produce very durable and user-friendly high-end lights, which are always equipped with the latest LED technology.




Since 1979 we have been on the market under the name DIANA Electronic-Systems as a special developer of complex electronics for industrial applications. Our reference list includes well-known companies. Since 2000, we have also been active as a product provider with the LEDscale® brand.



Industrial LED Solutions

Machine Lights • Signal Lights
Task Lights • Pharmaceutical Lights
Camera Lights • Special Lights

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