LED Special Lamps - for Special Requests

Individual requests meet up with many years of experience and innovative ideas. The development and production under one roof allows finding economical and powerful solutions as well as a quick project completion, where at the end a reliable custom LEDscale® special light stands.

Diana lights for the Healthcare Sector

Especially for the Healthcare Diana Electronic has developed a gooseneck lamp in spring 2013, which can be very efficiently integrated into the environment of modern laboratories, hospitals and clinics. Particularly through the 2012 award-winning design of the Diana gooseneck lights each room is enhanced. The lights can be installed very easily and are characterized by their elastic neck variably aligned. They are robust, low maintenance and highly luminous.

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Diana LED High Speed Flash Equipment

With the completion of a new LED high-speed flash system for a laboratory test of Continental, Diana Electronic was able to complete a very challenging project in spring 2012. The engineering team of Diana developed a lighting system which makes an analysis and fast-mechanical processes possible via high-speed videographics. The performance-specific parameters considered are light intensity, flash duration and repetition. LED flash systems of Diana Electronic allow exposure times of 1 microseconds to continuous light. The repetition rate is a function of the flash intensity and flash duration up to the high kilohertz range. This results in up to 500,000 frames per second.

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