From the concept to the finished product:

The entire development process at DIANA is Made in Germany!


We invent innovative LED lighting solutions for industry. Our very durable and robust high-end lights are all developed, produced, assembled and tested in Schwaikheim. All relevant standards in the areas of quality, occupational safety and environmental protection are met. Our products are constantly optimized and innovations are implemented. Our main focus is to develop and distribute luminaires that offer our customers real added value: Be it through cost savings, quality improvements, productivity increases or the introduction of completely new fields of application.

LED lights from DIANA are genuine German workmanship in all areas! 

LED engineering

The basis for the ideal light!


If you want to develop LED lighting systems, you don't just have to understand LEDs. Because innovative LED lighting solutions do not simply come from the light, but from the engineering behind them. We have decades of experience in the field of electrical engineering and have accompanied the development of LED technology right from the start. This knowledge is contained in every one of our lights.

The boards and the entire electronics behind our LED lighting units are always developed by us ourselves for the respective application. We combine high-quality components with ingenious technical solutions and thus ensure optimum thermal management with an optimised, compact design. In addition, we place high demands on the design of our LED lights.e


  • Lighting concept
  • Mechanical construction
  • Electronic construction
  • Thermal management optimisation
  • PCB layout
  • 3D CAD systems

Inhouse quality production!

High vertical range of manufacture directly at the headquarter in the Stuttgart region


As a quality supplier, we have the development and almost the entire manufacturing process in-house. From machining of components to SMT production and assembly, we carry out everything ourselves. Efficient and clean processes are guaranteed by our ERP system. For quality assurance, all LEDscale® lights are subjected to a 100% inspection.


  • Small/large series production
  • Chipping
  • SMT production / PCB assembly
  • Assembly
  • Quality assurance

DIANA light laboratory

Measure. Check. Analyze.


To achieve impressive results in industrial lighting applications, we test and test our LED lights and modules extensively. In addition to fixed parameters, thermal management is also monitored. Our light laboratory is equipped with modern light measurement technology for testing LEDs in the entire spectral range from ultraviolet (UV) to infrared (IR).


  • Spectral analysis
  • Photometry
  • Experiment & testing
  • Thermal testing
  • EMC measurements

OEM-Entwicklung bei DIANA

OEM development at DIANA


Our services cover all requirements around special and series development. From the concept to the finished product. We have a special focus on industrial applications. We offer the entire OEM development process from a single source:


  • Planning
  • Design
  • Construction & development
  • Prototype constructiomen
  • Experiment & testing
  • Validation

Industrial LED Solutions

Machine Lights • Signal Lights
Task Lights • Pharmaceutical Lights
Camera Lights • Special Lights

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Made in GermanyMade in Germany

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