Since 1979 we have been on the market under the name DIANA Electronic-Systems as a special developer of complex electronics for industrial applications.
The first LED light left our company in 2000. Since then, the name DIANA has been closely associated with the development of LED industrial lights.
Features that are taken for granted today were first invented by us.



2019 – DIANA celebrates 40th company anniversary

Since 1979, we have been on the market under the name DIANA Electronic-Systems as a special developer of complex electronics for industrial applications and have now focused entirely on industrial LED lighting. More than 40 employees produce innovative high-end LED lights every day in the areas of machine lights, signal lights, task lights, camera lights, pharmaceutical lights and individual special lights.

2019 – Introduction IO-Link

Start of the implementation of the IO-Link communication system in our lights. IO-Link has become the standard for many companies. This opens up completely new possibilities for us and our customers, e.g. in the field of signal lighting.

2019 – UL-Zertifizierung

As our customer base is becoming increasingly international, we have had some of our lights tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). UL is an independent organization that inspects and certifies products for safety. The so-called UL certificate is becoming more and more a prerequisite not only in the North American market.

2014 - Multi-color lights

Next evolutionary step: DIANA is the first manufacturer of multi-color lights that can illuminate machine rooms and workplaces completely in color. The multi-color function is added to the LEDscale® standard range just a short time later.

2012 - International design award

The Gooseneck light D65 convinced the jury of the world-renowned FOCUS OPEN design award. The decisive factors for this award were the classic, practical design and the combination of the gooseneck principle and the new LED technology.
The award shows that DIANA Electronic Systems not only develops outstanding lights, but also meets high design standards. "In an international, non-commercial competition, this is a great success for DIANA. It reflects the high demands we place on our products," says Managing Director and company founder Klaus Weller.

2012 - Wireless task lights

Product launch of the task light P64 with wireless control. Individual lights or entire groups of lights can be controlled via a battery-free and wireless push-button.

2009 - Horticulture lights

The development work is bearing fruit: The first generation of LED plant lights from DIANA are the more efficient system compared to conventional plant lights: wave spectra adapted to plants and minimal heat generation guarantee the best growth.

2008 - ECO mode 

Towards the end of the year, the first lights with ECO Mode are presented. This is controlled by an integrated microcontroller and further increases the service life of the lights. Another innovation from DIANA.

2007 - The first LED stripes

A particularly small and flexible lighting system was required for a trade fair stand. So we fitted flexible thin film circuit boards with LEDs and wired them. The first LED Stripes from DIANA were born.

2007 - Water cooling

DIANA enters a new performance class and, with the development of the first water-cooled LED light, makes a name for itself as a specialist for special LED lights.

2007 - Relocation to Schwaikheim

DIANA leaves the company location in Kriegsbergstraße in the Waiblingen suburb of Hohenacker after 28 years. New and larger business premises are found in nearby Schwaikheim. Nothing stands in the way of the company's steady growth.

2006 - Bi-color lights

It gets colorful: The first bi-color tube light leaves DIANA. New colors also mean new fields of application.

2005 - UV LED lights

The development of the first UV LED light for curing adhesives has been completed. Photochemical processes with UV light can now also be operated with LEDscale® lights.

UV-LEDs: The King's discipline

2004 - Onboard switching regulator 

The onboard switching regulator, which was installed for the first time, not only increased energy efficiency. A more compact and cost-effective design was also introduced.

2003 - Aluminum core curcuit boards

DIANA develops the first printed circuit board with aluminum core. This market innovation fundamentally improves the thermal management of our lights and extends their lifetime many times over.

2003 - Stroboscope lights

DIANA develops the first strobe light with integrated electronics and a flash duration of 2,5 µs. This opens up completely new fields of application for LEDscale® lights, e.g. in industrial image processing.

2003 - External LED drivers

DIANA becomes the first supplier of external LED drivers for high-power LEDs.

2003 - High-power LED lights

The first high-power LEDs are installed in January 2003. The LEDscale® machine lights inspire with their enormous luminosity and low energy consumption.

2001 - The first LED machine light

The fascination for LEDs is unbroken: The first LED machine tool light with protection class IP68 is produced by DIANA. The built-in M12 sensor plug established itself as the standard for LED machine lights.

2000 – Our No. 1

The developers at DIANA had been following the research in the field of light emitting diodes for a long time. In October 2000 the time had come: DIANA‘s first LED hand light was also the first on the market.

1994 – Sluggish economy and reorientation

Growing price pressure in the supplier business, economic downturn in mechanical engineering, relocation of production abroad, competitive prices on the electronics market: DIANA has to reduce its workforce from 18 to four employees. Time for reorientation. The "Tip & Phone" comes onto the market and is intended to make it easier for older people to make phone calls.

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1991 - Trend-setting: Fully automatic printed circuit board assembly

With the acquisition of the fully automatic Robin printed circuit board placement system, DIANA has a powerful placement potential at its disposal. The microprocessor-controlled system offers economical working even with small series. The placement arm is controlled with highest precision by a camera system.

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1990 – DIANA opens up new dimensions...

... in digital and analog measurement and control technology. The advertising brochure at that time gives a good insight into the range and services of DIANA and the state of the art in 1990.

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1986 – First printed circuit board production

DIANA has established itself and is now specialized in the development and construction of electronic devices in the field of analog and digital technology. Rich experience, good laboratory equipment and a comprehensive stock of components enable short delivery times and the ability to meet specific customer requirements. The PCB etching plant for laboratory samples and small series is one of the most modern and environmentally friendly systems of its time.

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1986 – MEDEA

MEDEA, the measurement data acquisition system, was a modular plug-in card system for a 19" rack, which was used e.g. for test bench control. The corresponding software was programmed by cooperating developers. They then distributed MEDEA as a complete system.

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1980 – Entry in the Register of Craftsmen

On 21 March 1980, DIANA Electronic-Systeme GmbH was also entered in the register of craftsmen of the Stuttgart Chamber of Crafts.

1979 – omnitest

The omnitest was the first product of DIANA Electronic-Systeme GmbH. The electronic continuity tester and voltage tester was sold ten times.

1979 – Double celebration!!

On April 6, 1979, the birthday of our company founder Klaus Weller, DIANA Electronic-Systeme GmbH is entered in the commercial register of the Waiblingen district court under the number HRB 1149.
The company name DIANA can be derived from the terms DI-gital and ANA-log. As a manufacturer and service provider in the field of industrial electronics, we were able to inspire major customers with our expertise from this day onwards.

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