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LED – The Light of the Future!

The advantages of LEDscale® LEDs over other light sources:

  • High brightness and high efficacy
  • Low power demand for high efficiency
  • Minor heat dissipation for more durability
  • High sturdiness (against impacts, vibrations)
  • No ultraviolet rays
  • Simple control and programming

Product Spectrum

We offer innovative LED lights for machine applications, vision-systems and architecture. LEDs also offer an ideal solution for many special applications.



LED Rohrleuchte, Schutzrohrleuchte
Machine Lamps
Werkbankleuchten, Arbeitsplatzleuchen für die Industrie und Werkstatt
Task Lights
Camera Lights
Process Lights
Special Lamps
Architectural Lighting


We inform you regularly about new products, innovations, events and all about LED lights from LEDscale®

This is complete innovation on the market of industry lights: Machine lights and task lights with color function by DIANA Electronic.

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The municipal power supply in Ziguinchor (Senegal) works only for …

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We‘re proud to present our new industry lights catalog. Discover LED systems for highest demands and nearly every industrial application, e.g. machine tools, machines in the pharmaceutical field or ergonomic workplace design.

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The new industry lights catalog

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