Lifetime of LEDs

In general, LEDs do not suddenly fall out. This occurs only when overloaded or faulty connection. Frequent switching cycles, shocks or vibrations, the difficulties of many conventional bulbs, the lifespan of the LED is not affected.

At constant operating conditions, the luminous flux decreases continuously. The life of a light emitting diode is therefore defined as the time that elapses until the luminous efficiency is decreased to half of the initial value. Most manufacturers publish a service life of 50,000 operating hours.

This value is, however, strongly dependent on the temperature of the LED chip. The long lifetime of the LED can ultimately be ensured therefore only by the construction of the lamp with appropriate cooling surfaces and a good heat flow.

Additional features such as an integrated temperature sensor to prevent overheating and the LEDscale® ECO mode help to ensure the longevity of the LEDs.

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