LED Koaxial Lights – for Special Surfaces

LED Koaxialleuchten of LEDscale® are used for highly reflective surfaces. The integrated flash controller allows direct connection to the camera, where it provides a minimum flash duration of sensational 2.5 microseconds.

With the LEDscale® Coaxial lights, a reliable evaluation of highly reflective surfaces is possible. The coaxial to the camera homogeneous light eliminates shadows and transitions at the same time. Due to the integrated dynamic flash controller, the lamp can be connected directly to the camera. The light intensity of the light increases with shorter turn-on up to four times the light output of continuous light. This dynamic lighting control, combined with a delay of 1μs and a minimum flash duration of 2,5μs, ensure image quality at the highest level even at extremely fast processes.

The robust and high quality case provides sufficient orientation independent passive cooling. The LEDscale® coaxial lights therefore have no fan, which the contamination by dust and thus the resulting maintenance costs greatly reduce. To protect the beam splitter from dust or falling objects, there are also high-glare and hard-wearing protective glasses as an accessory. A wide selection of light colors that go up in the IR range, allows the use of a wide variety of surfaces and materials.

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KoaxialleuchtenCoaxial Lights

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