Spot Light Series 100x40

Scope: homogeneous incident with extremely high illuminance; suitable for the dark-field approach by narrow beam angle


  • Compact design
  • Built-in flash controller
  • Versatile mounting options
  • 6º beam angle

Technical specifications

Operating voltage24 Vdc
Power12 W
ConnectionM8 plug connector
Protection classIII
Dimensions100 x 40 x 30 mm
HousingAnodized aluminum


Article number Designation Beam angleLight colorPower
LKS0425-0W00A Spot light 100x40 cold white12W
LKS0425-0U00A Spot light 100x40 ultra violet12W
LKS0425-0D00A Spot light 100x40 royal blue12W
LKS0425-0G00A Spot light 100x40 green12W
LKS0425-0A00A Spot light 100x40 ambergris12W
LKS0425-0R00A Spot light 100x40 red12W
LKS0425-0I00A Spot light 100x40 infrared12W

Matching accessories

M12 connection cable

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Spotleuchte Serie 100x40Spotlight Series 100x40

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