LED Tube Lights - Better than Pipes

LED tube lights brand LEDscale® cut in exchange for fluorescent tubes in large incident lights significantly better. They are energy efficient and also completely flicker-free. The light is fully there immediately after switching on.

The LEDscale® bar lights are the ideal replacement for conventional fluorescent tubes in large-scale diffuse incident light. The lights are completely flicker-free and can be controlled via a PWM input. The lights have  their full light output directly with the switching, which is stable over long periods of time. A permanent readjusting of the camera becomes redundant. The lights are superior not only in terms of intensity and switch to conventional fluorescent tubes. By the modular design of the lamps, optimal application-specific lengths can be selected.


The constant current control for each segment, and the particular diffuser thereby ensure the same light intensity the entire length and so that homogeneity is ensured. The luminaires can be installed quickly and easily aligned on the illuminated surfaces. The supply voltage of 24 Vdc and PWM input complement the uncomplicated installation of the luminaires. In application areas with rougher conditions, which must be expected due to the process with impurities, LEDscale® rod fixture can be used in the protective tube.

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