LED Gooseneck Light with Durable Neck

For rugged industrial use at hand and machine work stations, machine tools and presses. The flex arm can be moved into any position. The LED technology creates no disturbing heat. The head is heated only slightly.

The robust LEDscale® Gooseneck lights find their use at optimum illumination for both hand and machine jobs, lathes, milling machines and presses.

The flexible arm can be moved into any position. Due to the LED illumination there is no interfering beam heat and the light head heats up only slightly in operation.

Flexible Application

Due to the flexible arm of the LEDscale® LED gooseneck light, the possibilities are virtually unlimited. Especially for illuminating variable workspaces, the durable adjustable arm proves itself. This allows rapid and precise illumination of the working area.

Long Lifetime

The robust and compact design of the LEDscale® LED gooseneck light provides a long life even in harsh environments. Through the use of modern high-performance LEDs, the lights remain completely maintenance free. The built-in lamp head electronics allow the safe and optimal operation of the LEDs, thus ensuring the long life of the lamps.

Efficient Performance

The LEDscale® LED Gooseneck lamp sets new standards for efficiency and performance. The high light output is achieved without significant heating of the lamp head. The low heat radiation of light offers pleasant working conditions even at close range for the user.

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