LED Light Bars perform better

LED light bars by LEDscale® guarantee a large-area illumination at cabinets, at workstation or as lighting for machines, control panels or showcases. Integrated electronics ensure safety against voltage reversal, overvoltage etc. 

At the Ledscale® light bars, high power LEDs meet a slimmer and more compact design that could not be. Its tiny dimensions, the light for plant and machinery with little space is ideal.
Equipped with the latest LED technology, Ledscale® light bars provide a uniform and large-area illumination of the work space.

The lamps are available in a variety of lengths for optimum illumination.
The field of application is broad through many options of varieties. They can be used among other things in the following areas: cabinet lighting, as a general task light, panel light, display light or for general lighting equipment.

Minimum Dimensions

The LEDscale® light bar was created to bring light where there previously was no place for the installation of a lamp. By the compact and clean design, the light bar is the lighting solution for applications with harshest space conditions.

High Power LEDs

By using the latest high power LEDs, LEDscale® light bars offer a high light output with low energy consumption. This allows a uniform and large-area illumination of the work area.

Integrated Electronics

The high performance electronics are completely integrated in the housing. Nevertheless does the lamp not need much space for the mounting. Together, it follows a complete solution with minimal dimensions.

Industrial LED Solutions

Machine Lights • Signal Lights
Task Lights • Pharmaceutical Lights
Camera Lights • Special Lights

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