Recessed Lights Series E110

Scope: engine room light, machine tool light, refrigerator lamp, clean room lighting, illumination of industrial washing machines, pool lighting, lighting for special vehicles


  • Minimum installation depth
  • Extremely flat flange
  • Wide range of beam angles
  • Also available with stainless steel housing
  • Low energy consumption and increase of lifetime by ECO-Mode
  • Resistant to coolants and lubricants
  • IP68 Protection against continuous immersion
  • Cable outlet rear or front side

Technical Specifications

Operating voltage22 - 28 VDC
Power20 W / 10 W ECO-Mode
ConnectionM12 plug
ProtectionIP 68
Protection classIII
Dimensions280x110 / 249x79 mm
Protection glassTempered float glass
HousingAnodized aluminum
Color5000 K white


Article number Designation Plug connectorBeam angle LumenISO-Lux
LME0444-0012A E110x280 backside 2600 lm
LME0444-0010A E110x280 backside10° 2600 lm
LME0444-0008A E110x280 backside30° 2600 lmDownload
LME0444-0006A E110x280 backside50° 2600 lmDownload
LME0444-0000A E110x280 backside140° 2600 lm
LME0444-0012B E110x280 frontside 2600 lm
LME0444-0010B E110x280 frontside10° 2600 lm
LME0444-0008B E110x280 frontside30° 2600 lmDownload
LME0444-0006B E110x280 frontside50° 2600 lmDownload
LME0444-0000B E110x280 frontside140° 2600 lm

Matching accessories

Rubber seal
M12 connecting cable

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Serie E110Series E110

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