LED tube lights – slimmer and stronger

LED tube lamps by LEDscale® offer a maximum of light with a minimum of space. The profiles start at 25mm and are only 75mm at it's most powerful lamp! The smaller the installation space, the more you get out of LEDscale®.

The slim LEDscale® tube lamp is with a maximum diameter of 45 mm usable in various industrial applications. The modular design of the luminaire allows not only versions in different lengths, but it can also protect the pipe, and the end pieces are adapted to the application through the choice of materials. The LEDs used have internal optics that allow a beam angle of 80° or 150°.

By this, glaring the operator is avoided without the loss of light, as reflectors do. Due to the high efficiency of the LEDs and the driver, maximum illumination is obtained with a minimum of power consumption. The low heating, solid robust design and the high degree of protection, IP67, makes tube lamps a reliable allrounder.

Minimum cross section

As with all LEDscale® machine lights, the tube lights are designed with their compact design for limited space. With the minimum cross-section of 45mm at the thickest and 25mm at the slimmest lamp, LEDscale® tube lights can also be used in machines with little space.

Different Angles

With the wide selection of beam angles, the LEDscale® tube lights can be adjusted individually for each request. In this way, the light can be precisely aligned for accurate illumination.

High Degree of Protection

The solid and robust design of LEDscale® tube lamps offer the ideal protection for use under extreme conditions. The high degree of protection, IP67, makes the unit a reliable all-rounder.

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