Individual LED signal lights by DIANA

You have the choice of function, design, light color, control and other additional features!

You need special solutions for form and function?

You like to illuminate and signal in accordance with your CI?

You want a signal light to stand out from the competition?

Then we are the right partner for you!
Since the beginning of industrial LED lighting, we have been developing customer-specific lights for industry. This experience from countless projects paired with innovative thinking will also become visible in your signal light.

Just tell us what you want. We develop the suitable signal light for your machine!

Individual LED signal lights from DIANA are specially developed according to your requirements:


How should your signal light
be constructed?


• Recessed / surface mounted lights
• Light bar / tube light
• Signal tower
• Back lights
• Special designs
• Corporate light


Where is your signal light
installed at the machine?


• On the top of the machine 
• Inside the machine room
• Attached to the machine
• Integrated in housing


For what purpose
do you need a signal light?


• Status information 
• Status information and lighting 
• Status information and design element 
• Continuous light, blinking light, flashlight, running light
• Individual luminous images


What demands does the working
conditions make on the signal light?


• Coolants & lubricants
• Detergents & acids
• Chip flight
• High/low temperature
• Clean room
• Photosensitive materials


How many colors
does your signal light need?


• Single-Color: One light color (amber, blue, red, green, white)
• Bi-Color: Two light colors 
• Multi-Color: Basic (RGB/RGBW) and mixing colors


How would you like to
control your signal light?


• Digital I/O
• Digital I/O & analog
• IO-Link, Profinet, Profibus, etc.


Your signal light should have
further additional functions?


• Protection classes up to IP68
• Acoustic signal transmitter
• Photosensors for self-monitoring
• Redundant failure protection

LED signal lights for
mechanical & plant engineering, Pharma & chemistry, food & beverage, automotive, railway & logistics and printing industry

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