Individual LED solutions for every application

LED special lights by DIANA: process lights, UV lights, infrared lights, laboratory lights, lights for vision systems, architectural lights, museum lights, luminaires for exhibition & shop construction

Optimize processes, increase productivity, improve products:

We meet individual tasks with innovative ideas and many years of experience in the development of special lights. From the concept to the finished product: With us, you receive the entire development process from a single source. This guarantees a fast project progress and an economical solution that exactly corresponds to your requirements. This enables you to optimise your processes, increase your productivity and thus also improve your products.

Special LED solutions from DIANA LEDscale® are developed according to individual requirements.

Only 6 steps to the perfect lighting solution with DIANA!

1 - Definition of the task

At the beginning of every special light there is always an individual task. It is necessary to specify the requirements exactly to lay the foundation for a smooth project course. Based on the experience of countless projects, we also think of the seemingly „unimportant“ things.

2 - Light concept

On the basis of the task definition, we develop a lighting concept. We also use existing projects or standard elements to present you the most economical solution.

3 - Prototype

After approval of our concept we will create a prototype for you. The complete production and manufacturing takes place in our house. In this way, a series-ready product is created within the shortest possible time.

4 - Testing phase

After extensive testing in our test laboratory, you receive the prototype for proving under real conditions. After the analysis of all results, the design is modified again if necessary until series maturity is guaranteed.

5 - Serial production

Whether small series or large series production: The high manufacturing depth at our company headquarters guarantees a smooth process. All our products are „Made in Germany“ by qualified employees.

6 - Quality inspection

Every single LEDscale® light passes through a comprehensive product inspection before shipment to ensure quality and function. Careful individual packaging completes the production process.

Industrial LED Solutions

Machine Lights • Signal Lights
Task Lights • Pharmaceutical Lights
Camera Lights • Special Lights

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