The task light of unlimited possibilities

Under the elegant and high-quality housing of LEDscale® Task Lights, latest LED technology is hidden. The perfectly matching high-tech components ensure a long-lasting, bright, flicker-free and glare-free illumination with minimal energy consumption.

By the flexible and easy installation, the LEDscale® task lights are very versatile. The various lengths, performance classes and viewing angles enable an individual lighting of the workplace.



These features give you the choice:

Beam angles

WIDE 100° oder NARROW 60°x90°

In contrast to conventional products, the P64 WIDE and P64 NARROW task lights are extremely bright and absolutely glare-free with illuminance levels of up to 3500 lux (P64 Narrow, High Power 60 W, length/length: 754 mm, distance: 1 m). The narrow-beam version also illuminates only the work surface.

LEDs · Lengths · Power

High power or low power LEDs – 6 lengths from 256-1504 mm – 10-60 Watt



Color temperature

Neutral white or tuneable white for individual adjustment of the color temperature



Stepless control of color temperature: Every person has different lighting needs. With the new P64 Tuneable White, every employee can individually adjust the lighting at their workplace. This increases concentration, motivation and productivity!

Connection and current voltage

Schuko plug, free cable ends, C14 or GST18i3 plug connection · 24V or 230V variant




Blind by power supply, I/O switch, dimmer, tuneable white, wireless/wireless push button



Mounting material

Mounting plate · mounting bracket · joint holder · cable system



Industrial LED Solutions

Machine Lights • Signal Lights
Task Lights • Pharmaceutical Lights
Camera Lights • Special Lights

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Arbeitsplatzleuchte P64230 VAC LED Task Lights

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